Holloway Road In Ghost Signs

Lovelitter Vintage Furniture Holloway Road Pianos Ghost Sign

This Harper Pianos ghost sign can be found high up on Holloway Road, the layers of words overlapping add a rich visible history.

Lovelitter Vitage Furniture Army Club Ghost Sign Holloway Road

This faded sign is for Army Club cigarettes.


This very faded unidentified advert for a ‘Real Tonic’ is barely visible now.


The word ‘Stores’ can just about be read along the bottom of this sign, the rest is not that clear.

Brymay Ghost Sign Holloway Road

This Brymay brick advert is covered by a newer form of advertising, you can just see it under the billboard.

Lovelitter Vintage Furniture Royal Coffee & Dining Rooms Ghost Sign Holloway Road

This advert for the Royal Coffee & Dining Rooms is a lovely large ghost sign and still very visible.