Happy Earth Day 2016!

Every day should be Earth Day and we reuse and recycle at Lovelitter HQ on a daily basis. To mark the occasion this year we planted a beautiful tree to live outside our arch. Trees are awesome for the environment and awesome for us; helping the planet to reduce toxicity and slow climate change, as well as being soothing to our souls. We planted our newest tree baby in a recycled box made today from salvaged wood. This included a random small piece of formica, some pieces from broken furniture that couldn’t be repaired and some scrap wood offcuts found on the street. A simple project made with purpose that will remind us each day to care for our wonderful planet and appreciate the life she sustains.

Make a Book

Lovelitter How to Make a Simple Book

A really great and simple project to make a useful book.  We love to make small ones that can be carried everywhere and used for notes, thoughts, drawings and plans.  They make great presents too, and the choice of papers available means they can be tailored to every individual.  This time we chose graph paper offcuts for the inside, a traditional deep red waxed linen for one cover and a double sided tape measure design for the other.

Internal leaves are cut to size and folded in half to make pages, then the cover paper is folded over them before using a traditional stitch technique along the spine, using three holes and tying inside.