Dreamland Welcomes You – Margate

Lovelitter Vintage Furniture Dreamland Welcomes You Margate

Dreamland was developed in the 1920s on a much earlier amusements site from the late 1800s and has become one of the most iconic sights of our British seaside, it was closed early in 2000s.  The abandoned sight still remains with the Grade II listed Scenic Railway a prominent fixture and ruins of former buildings, it now awaits regeneration.

Dreamland Margate

The above picture shows the Dreamland Cinema that is now closed, but would have glowed with Art Deco glory when open.

Dreamland Margate Amusements

This Dreamland Amusement Arcade is falling apart and overgrown.

Dreamland Toilets

The word ‘Gentlemen’ can just be made out above the door of these old Dreamland toilets, we assume the ‘Ladies’ sign is above the other door but can no longer be read.

Boarding House Ghost Sign Margate Dreamland

Just above the Dreamland toilets a ghost sign for ‘Beresford Boarding House’ can be seen.

Dreamland Gates

The closed gates of Dreamland.

New Forest Love

New Forest Trees

Whilst recently in the New Forest we stumbled across these amazing trees that are decorated with professions of love dating back to the 1960s, some are just about still visible while others still cut a dramatic shape in the bark of the trees.

New Forest Trees