We want to resurrect the relics of everyday life, recycling wonderful and once loved pieces to bring delight once again. We love great 20th Century design and quality, and the abundant possibilities afforded to us by the endeavours of designers and manufacturers past. With many years experience in sourcing modern antiques we select the finest pieces to complement any interior. In an increasingly virtual world it is too rare a satisfaction to behold well crafted physical objects, to appreciate the time worn features and contribute your own.

All our items are individually sourced and hand-picked for their unique design and quality. We like our pieces to tell their stories and find beauty in their history, but if needed pieces are restored or refinished sensitively to retain their character.

We like to roam dusty quarters uncovering lost finds and rusty treasures in need of rediscovery. This is not a script for that 90s classic Tomb Raider, this is real life and these cobweb filled adventures do happen. We divide our time between going on expeditions (in a van with a dog that smells like he is baking biscuits when warm) around the UK + Europe sourcing vintage wares and restoring and making in South London.

After spending a combined total of 11 years in Art School (aloha University of the Arts London) specialising in Design and Conservation we decided to form an alliance through which we could express our mutual love of old things, recycling, reuse, design, making & sustainability, thus Lovelitter was conceived and we started operating in 2011. A chance late night encounter with a hedgehog led us to become wildlife lovers who create remade habitats for birds and wildlife out of discarded materials that were once used within our human homes. In our spare time we can be found in Peckham.


PLAY/STOP/REWIND is a way to live – rather than consuming and discarding we prefer to reuse and recycle, enjoying something then rediscovering it. We run our business to embody this ethos and make a positive contribution to the world around us. We aim to be a sustainable business with a sustainable product. We use natural products as much as possible when cleaning and restoring our pieces to minimise environmental impact, and recycle and reuse packaging. Occasionally we have pieces that can’t be saved and a lot of random things we collect on our travels, these are turned into birdhouses, wildlife habitats and sanctuaries, as well as new pieces for humans, so our waste is reduced. Our name, LOVELITTER, was intended as a way to communicate this message and remains at the heart of the brand.

We can source items as required and regularly work with pubs/cafes/restaurants, shops, set designers, theatres, prop houses, architects, offices and design studios.  Customers include:

Bar Esteban, Crouch End
Buster Mantis, Deptford
Cath Kidston
Channel 4
Chicken Shop
Craft Beer Co
Damson, Soho

John Lewis
King & Co, Clapham
National Theatre
National Youth Theatre
Nigel Cabourn, The Army Gym

Okan, Brixton Village & Coldharbour Lane
The Old Vic
One Sixty, E1
Sambrooks Brewery
Soho House
St Pancras Hotel
Tonkotsu, London
Top Gear