Vintage Science Cupboard

The inside of this cupboard has been branded by it’s former use as a Bunsen burner tripod storage cabinet.  The branding has given the cupboard a unique look and patina a real insight into it’s industrial past.

Lovelitter Wildlife Habitat

As we like recycling here at Lovelitter we decided to make a wildlife habitat for our insect friends at our allotment.  We found a lovely metal meat safe with the door rusted through so badly that it was no longer fit for purpose, so we used it as a perfect base for our habitat.  We took the door off the cabinet and started to collect materials that would create the layers for the inhabitants to nestle between.  We sourced some wooden logs (which we drilled holes into), twigs, broken terracotta pots, bamboo canes, sand, soil, bark, leaves, engineering bricks & pine cones and proceeded to layer up inside the cabinet, some succulents are the next thing we are hoping to add.  I hope the new tenants enjoy their new home as much as our allotment enjoys their visits.