Lovelitter’s Vintage World Cup Memorabilia

Loveliter Vintage Furniture Vintage 1970s Subbuteo World Cup

It is almost that time of year again, you either love it or you hate it!  Time to don your colours and support your team, 2014 brings us another World Cup and in celebration we look back over some of the best pieces of vintage World Cup memorabilia we have found along the way.


The flag above is an England supporters flag from the 1982 World Cup


This World Cup edition of Subbuteo even comes with working floodlights, a camera crew and your very own Jules Rimet World Cup trophy replica.


World Cup mascot Willie is depicted here on a beer mat from 1966.


This Esso poster from the 1970 Mexico World Cup features a whole host of England legends, including the great Bobby Moore.  Esso were giving away coins featuring the faces of the England Squad in exchange for buying petrol at their garages.


These World Cup stamps are great visual reminders of World Cup history.


The England Winners stamp from 1966 (top left corner) was seen as a future investment and was bought in bulk by members of the public.


This knitting pattern is every football fans dream!


England’s third kit from Italia ’90 has become an icon of the decade and can be seen in the New Order ‘World in Motion’ video.

SS Leviathan

Usually when you find a mysterious old photograph with anonymous people captured in time you can only just imagine who the people were, what they were like, or what they were doing.  There is something satisfying about having a reference point to guide your imagination.

This is a lovely old photo we found tucked into the back of a chest of drawers, we couldn’t resist trying to research the ship these two seem so proud to be on.  The SS Leviathan sailed the North Atlantic from 1914 to 1932 (the photo is dated 1932 on the back) and was originally called SS Vaterland and later became a troop ship to carry troops during World War I.  The orchestra on the SS Leviathan was well regarded and even produced records on the Victor Label.  The SS Leviathan was sold for scrap in 1938.

We still don’t know who these people were but we can imagine how excited they must have been to be some of the few who travelled to America at the time.